Music + ExerciseWe live in a world where people are attached to screens of all sizes throughout their lives. Studies have shown the importance of children having limited screen time.

Let me be honest. When my daughter was a toddler I did sit her in front of the TV to watch her favorite purple dinosaur while I fixed dinner. She just graduated high school with honors, is active in social groups and has a hobby of running. So, I don’t think we ruined her. Maybe it is because we spent time playing with her. Maybe it is the playing with friends. Maybe we set an example of doing some physical activities.

It is important for a child’s development that they move.  Research has shown upper body strength is important for writing. Movement/exercise is so important the week of August 3-8, 2014 is set aside as Exercise with Your Child Week.

Let’s be honest, adults also need to exercise and to move. Moving and playing with your children encourages them and creates great memories.

Get out and play tag, ball, bike and move! If you are looking for ways to inject a little music, here are some musical games to get your child (and you) up and moving!

Two great resources for music and movement

One of the best sites for action songs is Let’s Play Music by Sara Mullett. Sara provides lyrics a recording of melodies of many traditional action songs.

If you are looking for newer songs to get you moving, the Laurie Berkner Band is one of my favorites. Whether it’s “Do the Dragon” or “We are the Dinosaurs”  or one of their many other songs, you’ll have fun moving. Plus, most of the song lyrics are on their site.

Now it is your turn to share your favorite music and movement activities for a child. Place them in the comments below.



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