children, literacySaying I was an active child is an understatement. I was always fidgeting, jumping, swinging, singing, dancing… Yet, I know I loved having my parents read me books.  While I can’t say I was still, I can say I was attending to what was read. My childhood experiences influence my sharing songs and stories especially when I am at the library.

At a recent library session children where jumping to sing songs about things beginning with the letter “J”. Yes, we did LOTS of moving. And, we had a lot of fun. Here are highlights from the session so you can share the joys of “j” with your child or a group of children.

As I often do we did the “Letter Hunt Chant” looking for things that start with “j”. We found jewels, jelly beans, jeans, a jaguar, and a Jayhawk. Need the chant? Check out “S” Powered Music for Children for details.

Scarf letter writing followed. (The resource for this can also be found in “S” Powered Music.) When we were done with that we added more scarves and juggled to “Jumping at the Woodside”.

Once our scarves were put away, we modified a song from Everything Preschool and sang “Jello in a Bowl” (to: The Farmer in the Dell)

Jello in a Bowl, Jello in Bowl
Jiggle, wiggle, jiggle wiggle
Jello in a Bowl.
(Continue with say jello on my cheek, in my tummy, on my head, on my hands, on my arms, etc)

Next we sang “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”. The children were wonderful at getting quieter and sang nice and loud on the “na-nas”.

The singable book Jump, Frog, Jump! by Robert Kalan (Affiliate link)  was shared. You can find how to sing it at Music Activity Plans.

Next we played the chant game Jump Jim Joe from “The Sounds of Emerging Literacy”. (Not an affiliate link)  

As sharing traditional folk songs is a passion, we sang a version of “Jenny Jenkins” similar to this one by Lisa Loeb. We rolled our arms on the chorus. 

Before our goodbye, we shared  Susan Seale’s Make Me Musical – Mini Movement Kit version of “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree” with lots of “j” moves.

Now it is your turn to share favorite “j” songs to sing with children. Place them in the comments below.


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