connecting parent and childHave a ball connecting parent and child with this session plan.  There are low-cost instruments to make and to take home, Add in your own gathering and closing songs. Songs and activities with asterisk (*) are from Susan Seale’s “Growing Grounded” which is available for purchase from Music Therapy E-Books (not an affiliate).

  1. Gathering song that allows you to greet everyone by name.
  2. Rolling my ball*
  3. Pretend to be balloons*
  4. Stretch Up Very Tall*
  5. A Little Ball*
  6. Make a shaker ball. (Materials to make one at home sent with each family at the end.) 
  7. Play with the shaker ball while “Popcorn” plays.
  8. Use a Stretchy Band or Connect-a-Band (not an affiliate) for movement to “Up and Down”*
  9. If You’re Happy and You Know It – Have everyone contribute various moments
  10. Make a big drum and a little drum for each child from various sizes of empty cans with duct tape along the cut edge and drum heads made with packing tape. You can either make beaters or just use plastic spoons.
  11. “Listen to the Drums” – Lynn Kleiner Sound Shape Play Book
  12. Have one family play while others move. Take turns with the playing and moving.
  13. Use the drums to tell a story that has sizes such as “The 3 Billy Goats Gruff”.
  14. Closing.
  15. Send home drums and shaky ball supplies.

 Which of these activities do you see yourself using? Share them in the comments below.

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