Senior Living EmotionsOur emotions can vary. They can match or not match those around us. They are our own.  “This is my emotion in this place, in this time.”

Life is filled with opportunities to experience a range of emotions. This range is normal and important. If we are always happy would we know what happy is?

A recent tweet sharing “This is How I Feel” by On a Good Note made me smile as I had spent the previous week exploring emotions during senior living community sessions. It was an eye opening week of exploring how our emotions to songs did and did not line-up with the lyrics.

Following our welcome song we sang “Happy Days are Here Again”. The groups shared memories of the song including historical events surrounding it. The premise of exploring our emotions was shared.

We moved to “Accentuate the Positive” and “Happy“. Participants shared how the songs made them feel. The group discussed the societal push to be happy or positive.

Next we played shakers while singing  “Stand By Me“. Participants shared roles/names of those who had stood with them in life. “I Feel Good” was sung with spontaneous creation of verses for other emotions.

The group identified a range of emotion words including happy, excited, tender, scared, angry and sad. We proceeded to sing a variety of songs discussing how they made us feel and the emotions expressed within the lyrics. One of the more interesting songs was “Just Because” – an Elvis and polka standard.

I highly recommend checking out the song spotlight by Rachelle Norman on Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue.

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