health,Last week, a saying on a Hudson Bay t-shirt created a ton of conversation. While some loved the statement on the shirt, conversations swirled around the statement encouraging eating disorders.

Is there a take-away from this? Yes, we need to make healthy “sexy”.

Yip, I’m serious. As a woman, as a mom, as a healthcare professional I feel we have to focus on healthy living. My daughter confirmed this when asked how we could promote healthy instead of skinny. She responded “Do away with media.” She finds movies, TV and magazines idealizing particular body types. She believes young girls want to look like (insert name of a popular person). They see their (insert a body part) is not all it should be.

She believes messages of too fat, needing bigger boobs, more sculpted bodies, and perfect complexions are what gets placed in our minds.

We need to accept our bodies and love ourselves. We all aren’t designed to be a size 2 petite. We come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Adults need to model participating in regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, periodic enjoying special treats, time in meditation/prayer, and having friends.

But, guess what! Adults have body image issues, too. Many seniors describe themselves as old, wrinkled and not “easy on the eyes”.

There aren’t easy answers. In my humble opinion an important first step is to start with ourselves. We need to be doing what we can to be healthy. We need to speak in accepting words about ourselves. Sure it is okay to speak about how we are working on improving our health.

Now it is your turn? How do we go about making healthy “sexy”? Go ahead and leave a comment below sharing one thing you can do.


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