Product ReviewThere are a few things I learned in my years as an activity professional. To NEVER schedule anything else during the regular Bingo time was one of them.

Bingo is big in many senior living communities. I’ve called bingo SO many times. As an activity professional I worked to include those with low vision, impaired range of motion and memory impairments. Often, there was little to no volunteer or staff support while doing this.

The Bingo professionals (those who went to the bingo parlors to play) liked playing all the fancy games like picture frame and layered cake.  Those are especially difficult when playing with residents diagnosed with dementia.

Enter Stephanie Longstreet. Always on the lookout for others working with children and older adults, I connected with Stephanie on LinkedIn. She shared her creation of Flip™ Bingo with me and I JUST HAD TO PASS IT ON!

Flip™ Bingo comes in two sizes – traditional and large print. with many options available when ordering. Ordering individual cards is also an option.

While I have not tested them with clients, I can say I appreciate the quality of the cards and the finish that can be wiped down but without the slick texture of laminating. Having access to these cards will make life easier for those leading the game . It will allow greater independence by participants, too.

To add in easy use, I would recommend plastic milk bottle caps for the low vision cards and plastic squeezeable fruit caps for the regular cards.

So far, I haven’t figured out how to adapt these cards to music bingo games, but they still receive a thumbs-up from me.

Now I want to hear how you adapt bingo for your groups. Share them in the comments below.

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