Intergenerational sessionConnecting preschoolers and assisted living residents down by the pond brings many giggles. Here you will find a collection or resources. Many are inspired from my childhood visits to area ponds where I learned about nature and the world.

Pond Life

  • Dandelion is from Susan Seale’s “Growing Grounded
  • Also in Susan’s book is “My ducks go waddling”. This is great for getting the children moving and the seniors singing.
  • “There’s a dragon fly brushing my head” We used this song to touch and name various body parts. We used out pointer fingers as the dragon flies. (To: If You’re Happy and you know it)

There’s a dragon fly brushing head. (2x)

Watch him fly and light. Such a gentle fellow.

There’s a dragon fly brushing my head.

Add additional verses about it brushing other body parts.


Our group or children are big on frog songs. We sang (and acted out) several including these three:

  • Grumph! Went the Little Green Frog: Traditional movement and dancing by children.
  • The Frog Lives on the Pond:  This song is found on several websites. The video demonstrates the adaptation we made including the directions for the tongue. Everyone took part and left the group with their party popper.


  • “Little Duck”  (sing to Turkey in the Straw) This song is by Cheryl of Cheryl’s Sweethearts Childcare who has many shared songs on Step by Step.

I am a little duck that goes quack, quack, quack.(Make hand be duck’s mouth and it quacks).

And I’ve got lots of feathers on my back, back, back.(Wave hands near bottom to indicate tail feathers).

And when I go down to the lake, I wiggle and I wobble and I shake, shake, shake.(Wobble and shake around like a duck).

And when I go to sleep at night, (Pretend to be sleeping with hands as pillows).

I close my eyes very tight. But in the morning when I wake, I wiggle land I wobble and I shake, shake, shake.


  • We sang “There Was a Little Turtle” using castanets for the turtles. There are many ways you can adapt this song. 
  • I’m a Little Turtle (Sung to I’m a Little Tea Pot) The children acted out the song. Many of the seniors would move their arms and head while singing.

I’m a Little turtle with a shell. I have 4 leg legs, a head and a tail.

When I get so scared I want to hide, I pull my head and legs inside.

Singable books

Our main book was Turtle Splash! by Cathryn Falwell (Affiliate link). Sing this book to the tune of “10 Little Indians” with the exception of the last page which we spoke the numbers getting quieter as we counted down.


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