Most of us have seen videos like this of families jamming to music in the car.

5 keys, playlistTake-away #1: Children learn the music to which their parents listen. I bet most of the kids at the preschool and elementary school are not doing sing-alongs to “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

This video also show #2 sing-alongs in the car can make the carpool fun.

As the numbers  grow of people caring for aging parents/family members along with raising a family, we need to embrace this fact – we learn the music to which are parents listen.

We will also be faced with more multi-aged carpools. It is my belief we can create a playlist that can work for all on board. We just need to keep 5 key facts in mind and create some balance.

#3. We also need to remember that being over 50 or 60 (or any number for that matter) doesn’t means we won’t like or appreciate current music.  I’ve shared Lady Gaga and Pharrell Williams in groups. Guess what? No one left screaming out of the group. If you are picking “current” hits, I would recommend avoiding those with questionable lyrics for both the young and the old.

#4. Youth can and do enjoy older music. I’ll use my 18 year old daughter as an example. Her playlist includes music by Tony Bennet, Frank Sinatra, and the Andrew Sisters – all music of her grandparents’ era. She has also sung arias, attended and been in opera casts. (My dad is a huge opera fan.) So injecting a little older and really ancient (classical) music may spark an interest in a child.

#5. Think about how long you will be in the car and the order of drop off when creating lists. If you are going a long distance, you may want a variety of playlists – on for sing-alongs, another for listening, another for getting little ones to rest, etc.

Bonus key: If you have a teen, have them sit down with the elder and work out a playlist together. It will give them a little bonding time along with something they both can share.

Go ahead and rock out your multi-age carpool playlist! What music will you include?

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