preschool letter f songsThe letter “f” is fantastic to explore with preschoolers. There are so many fun songs to sing. There are so many inspired ways to move.  Here are a few ideas to feed you letter “f” sharing.

Fantastic letter “F’ ways to move

Use your favorite song to partner with these movements. My preference for this one is: “Merrily We Roll Along”.

  • hop like a frog
  • fall like a leaf
  • throw a football
  • flap like a flag
  • swim like a fish
  • fight a fire
  • fan your feet
  • go fly fishing
  • finger a flute

Fantastic letter “F’ songs to sing

  • Put Your Finger in the Air
  • Five/four Pretty Flowers in a Flower Shop

  • Grumph! Went the Little Green Frog
  • The Frog Lives by the Pond

  • Eat some Fruit (to: Clementine)

Eat some fruit. Eat some fruit. Eat some fruit every day.

I ate a strawberry and I liked it.

I ate a strawberry today.

Other fruits: apple, orange, banana, watermelon

  • A Hunting We will Go

A hunting we will go. A hunting we will go.

We’ll find a fox and put him in a box. A hunting we will go.

Other verses:

Find a frog and put him on a log

Catch a fish and put him on a dish

Fantastic singable letter “F” book

“Feathers for Lunch” is a wonderful children’s book. Singing it makes it even better!


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