music, learningLifelong learning is considered by many to be a key to wellness. New experiences, mental challenges and staying mentally active are important to brain health. A Google search of lifelong learning resulted in 240,000,000 results. Changing the search to “lifelong learning with music” nets 13,200,000.

Why is lifelong learning with music so hot? Research is indicating it is importance to young children and for elders.

Music learning can happen in so many we ways!

  1. We can learn to read music or to play an instrument.
  2. Listening to music also provides opportunities for learning as we hear new sounds, new instruments, an emotion, a different cultures music.
  3. We can learn about composers and instruments.
  4. We can learn about the history about a music selection and what was happening in that period of time.
  5. We can learn about influencers – other composers or performers, other forms of art.
  6. For me, the biggest thing I continue to learn through music is about myself. I learn my abilities and my limitations. I  find new ways to express myself. I find new things I enjoy and old approaches that no longer serve me.

Share in the comments below your favorite way to learn about/from music.

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