In a recent library session I shared a pocket filled with the letter P. Here are highlights of the songs we shared so you can easily explore this pocket with preschoolers.

Letter P Pocket

After our traditional scarf writing of the letter, we shared the pocket and sang “I’ve Got Something in My Pocket”. In addition to the traditional smile verse, we added a frown verse. Turning the frown upside down was fun!

From the pocket we pulled a picture of a pig. We shared “5 Pigs so Squeaky Clean” (to the tune “5 Little Speckled Frogs”) and “Pigs Roll in the Mud” (to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”). We then “paused” for a pig story read by a library volunteer.

Next from the pocket we pulled a penguin image. Waddling like penguins we sand Chicky’s version of “The Penguin Song” to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.

Next from the pocket came a double image of a pointer finger and a panda.  We sang and acted out “Wake-up Pointer Panda”.

Next out of the pocket was a “Flying Purple People Eater”. We did a simplified version of this dance. 

A potato was next out of our pocket. We shared the singable book “One Potato, Two Potato” by Todd H. Doodler.

Popping out next was popcorn. While the Popcorn song played, we pretended to be kernels of corn sizzling in the pan, slowly we started to pop. Our pops became faster. Next we pretended to eat popcorn.

Last from our pocket came a popsicle. Each child was given a paper popsicle (which they were allowed to take home.) Using the format of Laurie Berkner’s “Pig On Her Head“, we sang:

We have popsicles on our (insert a body part).  We have popsicles on our (insert a body part).  We have popsicles on our (insert a body part). Should we leave it there to melt? Oh, no!

After holding our popsicles on several body parts, we sang about pretending to eat our popsicles.

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