We’ve been going to the birds in our latest intergenerational session. Here are some of the highlights of songs we used to assist you in planning your session. (Items with a “*” are affiliate links.)

Intergenerational bird theme


Fun bird songs

There’s a Wise Old Owl (or wide-eyed owl) can be sung or done as a finger play. Try making the “whoo” when breathing in and out, going up and down in pitch.

Modeled after Susan Seale’s tapping ideas in Growing Grounded: Movement and Songs for an Organized Brain we had a woodpecker tapping. (I highly recommend this book especially if you work with children.)

Little Bird Song/ Way Up in the Sky was fun for getting the children moving.

We modified the traditional Bluebird, Bluebird having children “fly” through hula hoops held by the grandfriends when we sang about the window. We also flew to the letter “B”, looked in mirrors, and found other simple things held by the grandfriends.

Who’s That Hatching? was used as designed by Lynn Kleiner and with images of various birds. This was a learning opportunity for all ages.

Let’s All Sing Like the Birdies Sing served as a transition song when handing out Basic Beat Canary Stick* and gobble sticks.Songs with instrument play

 Bird Songs for Instrument Play

The Old Grey Cat is Sleeping  was done as a movement song for the children. Grandfriends played bells for the cat and  canary and sticks with a verse we created of the cat chasing the bird.

We jammed to Rockin’ Robin and included the children playing slide whistles one week.

Egg shakers were played while singing I Know a Chicken.

Singable Books

We used several singable books over the weeks including these two:

“One, Two Cockatoo!” by Sarah Garson

“Feathers for Lunch” by Lois Ehlert

Want even more intergenerational ideas for preschoolers and seniors? Check out Sparking Lives with Themes and Music. This book is filled with enough material to fill a school year of intergenerational groups.


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