piano, spotlightThis month’s client spotlight shines on the Cornelsen family. Both children’s have been taking piano lessons. As the family prepares to move away, we share their story through the mom – Jamie.

How did you first hear about Music Sparks?

I heard about Music Sparks and the piano lessons from your Facebook page.  Of course we had been to you classes at the library and I knew you were fabulous so when I saw your post about offering FREE lessons I knew I had to jump on it!  

What are your thoughts on the Wunderkey lessons?

My children both love the lessons.  They have learned a great deal in a very short amount of time.  I’m thankful they are exposed to learning music and hope this is just the beginning of their music careers.  Since getting them involved in music I have noticed they are much more interested in playing with and exploring music around our home.  Cooper is constantly making drums with pots and pans and even the trash can!  They just love playing and learning more. We are so going to miss lessons with you when we move.  Grateful we’ve had these few months with you! 

What advice would you give to other parents looking for ways to add music to their child’s life?

I would absolutely recommend Music Sparks to any parent.  Regardless, if you think your child will play for their lifetime just the opportunity is so great.  I just love that is encourages them to use different parts of their brain and learn concepts in a new way.  LOVE LOVE LOVE Music Sparks and so thankful I took the initiative to get them involved.  Thank you JoAnn.  Your GREAT!

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