Meditation MonthAs a busy mom and business owner, I find it challenging to take a break during the day. Yet, research shows that short breaks can be important. Even more powerful is a break to mediate.

Inspired by May being the fifth month and Meditation Month, I decided to take the plunge – five minuted, five days each week.

While in an ideal world, I would take 15 to 30 minutes to mediate, I just don’t see that happening at this point in my life. Instead, this lovely month of May I plan to take 5 to mediate.

Five minutes five days a week doesn’t sound like much. But, it is SO easy to let little things get in the way. There are many ways to mediate. I plan to try a few. I’ll share at least once a week on Facebook my efforts and experiences. (Like the page to see my journey.)


To help me prepare, please share in the comments your favorite forms of meditation and places to mediate.

As a caregiver, you have earned this five minute space of time for yourself. Join me in this journey.

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