There are some amazing people who bless my life in so many ways. One is Miriam – a wonderful woman I met in college. We weathered music theory, music history and English together.

The other day a package from Miriam arrived in the mail. In it was a copy of the book Storm Song (affiliate link) by Nancy Viau. Miriam is many things including a preschool teacher and a grandma. So, I take her book recommendations to heart.

Singable book

The trailer for the book may give you a few ideas. 

I hear opportunities for rain sticks, ocean drums, canary sticks, rhythm sticks and more without even opening the pages.

Nancy Viau’s site has a wonderful teacher’s guide full ways to use it with science and English lessons. There are recommendations for additional storm books (along with some jazz & scat books). It also has ideas for adding sounds on pages 5-7. The idea of passing the sound around the circle and scatting are worth including in your shares of the book.

Additional resources here on Music Sparks include:

Please share your impressions of “Storm Song” along with your ideas for storm music for children in the comments.

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