7 country songsI live and serve people in farm country. That means most people are familiar with country music. And, for some it is their preferred music. Here are the 7 country songs your seniors wish you knew.

*There was no scientific method used to make the list. Rather, it is requests I have had over the years to share these songs.  

#7: If You’ve Got the Money, I’ve Got the Time

This one comes highly recommended by Rachelle Norman of Soundscape Music Therapy. Her post shares a wealth of ideas around sharing whether you use the Lefty Frizzell (1950) or the Willie Nelson (1976) version.

#6: King of the Road

This 1965 Roger Miller hit speaks of trains and hobos. It’s been covered by a variety of singers from Dean Martin to R.E.M. With all the airplay, people definitely chime in to sing “King of the road.”

#5: Home on the Range

This cowboy song based upon an 1870s poem is the Kansas state song. With use in many films and recordings by a variety of performers it is always interesting to find out which verses (if any after the first) group members know.

Even when I’ve worked outside Kansas, this song receives many requests.

#4: Pistol Packing Mama

As I shared in my post of top hits from the 1940’s, this song was recorded by both Al Dexter and Bing Crosby with the Andrew Sisters. Those in my senior living communities can belt out the refrain.

#3: Don’t Fence Me In

This Cole Porter setting of Robert Fletcher lyrics has been recorded by country artists including Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and Willie Nelson. Yet, for many a 1944 radio broadcast with Kate Smith is where many first heard this tune.

#2: Hey, Good Lookin’

This 1951 Hank Williams tune is a great one for talking about dating. In 2001 it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.The toe tapping nature of this song seems to bring out a lot of singing.

#1: Your Cheatin’ Heart

The long legacy of this Hank Williams, Sr. song and the frequency with which it is requested gives it the #1 ranking. Released after his death, it was recorded by many artists including Hank Williams, Jr.

What country songs would be on your top 7 list? Share them in the comments below.

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