Excellent Letter"E"At a recent preschool library group, we shared the excellent letter “e” through songs and stories. Here are some of the songs we shared.

As is our practice, we started with a hello song and scarf letter writing.

Next, I introduced an envelope and this song to sing to the tune of “Did You Ever See a Lassie”:

What’s inside the envelope? The envelope, the envelope.

What’s inside the envelope? Let’s open it now.

Our first envelope contained the word “Exercise”.  Together we sang “Everybody Do This” while doing simple exercises including jumping jacks, toe touches, and imaginary weight lifting.

After singing the envelope song, we opened our second envelope where we discovered eyes and ears. We sang “I’ve Got Two Eyes” and “Do Your Ears Hand Low?”

Envelope three contained the word elbow. We sang Nancy’s “Elbow Room Song“. (What a nice transition song!) This prepared us for an “e” story.

Envelope number 4 contained eggs. First we sang “Who’s That Hatching?” followed by Nancy’s Sticks and Stones as we handed out egg shakers. We sang “Shake and shake and shake and stop”. Another envelope revealed  an engine for which we sang Nancy’s Train song.

Transitioning again with the “Elbow Room” we listened to a second “e” book.

Our final envelope displayed “The End” for which we san “This is the Song that Never Ends” and our goodbye song.

Share your favorite letter “e” songs for preschoolers in the comments below.

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