Rain Down a SongApril and showers seem connected in the minds of many. Whether you experience the two together or not, here are some ideas to rain down a song for children.

Rain down an instrument

Make a rainstick for/with your child. Several sites have recommendations. A gentle reminder to supervise your child when they have a rainstick as it is made of small pieces and can be a choking hazard.

Make a thunder tube. (Recommend not using this with infants or children who are easily startled.)

Explore the sounds of rain

Take an umbrella or a plastic bag over a container outside along with a bowl of water. Use your fingers to sprinkle the water on the umbrella/bag to create the sound of rain.

Check out videos with the sounds of rain. 

Rain down a song

Some of my favorite rain songs to sing with children are:

Rain down a book

Sharing books is important. Here are a couple of my favorite rain books (affiliate links).

Share Rain Train – a singable book.

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