Aloha!The aloha spirit can be shared in nursing homes and beyond to even preschools. Inspired by the American Health Care Association (AHCA) 2014 National Nursing Home Week theme, this post has additional music ideas just for subscribers of Bright Ideas.  These Aloha ideas can easily be adapted to use with preschoolers. 

“Living the Aloha Spirit”  was the theme for the 2014 National Nursing Home Week.  I love the emphasis the AHCA is placed on the key attributes of “aloha spirit”:

…patience, kindness and good feelings and respect in caring about others. ~AHCA

For me, these should be the key attributes we have towards ourselves and others. We all need reminders from time to time to practice these attributes.

Here are some music related resources for a Hawaiian themed event that can easily be combined with other resources.

Looking for music, history, hula instructions? Check out Huapala.

A few songs:

  • Pearly Shells – As this is an echo song, it would be easy to sing
  • Blue Hawaii – Elvis is familiar to many in LTC
  • Hawaiian Rainbows – Many have sung and danced this simple tune throughout the years

Compare the beautiful children’s book “Hula Lullaby” by Erin Eitter Kono (described in detail by Amelie) to this 1939 tune with the same name.

Make your own Pu’ili Bamboo Sticks

  • Tiny Tapping Toes shares how to make them from cardboard tubes and provides some ideas for play
  • Here’s a simple song and movement for the pu’ili.
  • Make your own puili from vinyl blinds. I share how in the video.


Have someone teach or demonstrate playing a ukelele.


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