In the yearAs this month of number post draws to a close, looking towards future is on my mind.  As always, songs come to mind. Among them is the Zager and Evans’s song “In the Year 2525” comes to mind.

This 1969 hit song has many disturbing predictions for the future – not a world I desire to have come to fruition.

What are my dreams for the year 2525?

Among them are:

  • A world where cancer is a rare occurrence and is treatable.
  • A world where Alzheimer’s is not a diagnosis. It is tied to a story of successful treatment and prevention.
  • A world where caregivers of the young and the old are supported emotionally, physically and financially.
  • War is only a card game.

These big dreams may or may not be attainable. They are by wish for the world. But, wishes aren’t enough. Visions are needed.

My BIG Vision for the future

My BIGGEST vision/dream is attainable. In fact it is happening now! It is my vision for ALL my sessions, ALL my shares here and on Facebook, and my book: Sparking Lives with Themes and Music.

Envisioning a Day

 And the best part? Seeing it in real life!

Know what else? You can be a part of bringing this vision to life, too! You can treat others the way you would want to be treated. You can share music with others.

Need ideas? Then subscribe to Bright Ideas (available at a free and a low-cost extended resource levels), purchase my book, check out my Pinterest boards.

Show how attainable this vision is by sharing in the comments below how YOU are gathering people to create and to share music across generations and abilities.

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