Here are some ideas just for subscribers of Bright Ideas to assist with a sing-along for April Fool’s Day or any other day a laugh is needed. The main focus is an intergenerational group of school aged with seniors.  Preschool resources are also included.

A Whole New Kind of Crazy*This post is now partially available here on Music Sparks. A complete listing of intergenerational songs and along with ideas for senior living communities in now available on Session Cafe.

April Fool’s Day can be a whole new kind of crazy. Practical jokes often fill the day. Other day’s need a little of the laughter that occurs on April Fool’s Day. Consider sharing these songs in an intergenerational group of school aged children on up. Most were recommended by those in senior living communities.

A whole new kind of crazy just for preschoolers

If you work with preschoolers, check out the parody songs on the Preschool Express page, the April Fool’s songs shared by Holiday Zone, and Kimboomu’s April Fool’s Day song.

What are your favorite songs to sing on April Fool’s Day or when a group needs a laugh?

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