The Purr-fect Pet!

Pets can be the purr-fect conversation starter for children, seniors and both of these groups together. Here are resources for Kindling Level subscribers to assist them in planning for National Pet Month (April) or any other time. Suggested population indicated with “I/A” for intergenerational groups or any age group; “P” for preschoolers; and “S” for senior living settings.

While the most common pets may be dogs, cats, fish, birds and rabbits there are also those who own hamsters, gerbils, geckos, snakes, spiders, guinea pigs, ferrets, … Be prepared to discuss an array of animals with this topic.

Purr-fect Songs

Group Pet Songwriting

  • Create a simple song to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell by inserting the type of animal along with its color (brown hamster) or name (cat named Al) or something it liked (dog that likes to walk).:

The perfect pet for me, for me would be. The perfect pet for me would be a _____________. With a knick-knack-paddy-wacky my perfect pet would be a _____________.

  • Have the group list types of animals that can be pets, names of pets, supplies you need for your pet. Take the song “This Old Man” and sing about the pets.

(name) has/had a (type of pet). It’s name is/was (pet’s name). (Pet’s name) is/was (physical characteristic) and (s)he like (_____). (Owner’s name) feeds it (list food) and (way of care).  Pets are fun to have but they take care.

Move to

  • Alley Cat
  • Baby Elephant Walk

Other Pet Resources for Children

Conversation Starters

  • What kind of pets have you owned?
  • What did you feed your pet?
  • The most interesting name I’ve heard for a cat/dog is _______
  • The most unique pet I’ve heard of is a _________
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