controlled-choices-1-200x300Leading a sing-along can be fraught with many challenges – people don’t know what to suggest, people name songs you never heard of, you (and they) only remember a portion of the lyrics. By controlling the choices, sing-alongs can still have allow for clients to exercise decision-making and have a lot of fun. Here are three ideas for controlled choices of sing-alongs to get you started.

Picture Images for Song Titles

Create an image for each song that is available. This works well with children and can also be paired with words of seniors. Use clip art to create your pairings. You laminate the images and use velcro attachments. If you know an app that will do this, please share it in the comments below.

Listing of songs

Lists work best with those who can read. They can be created in a variety of ways depending on your situation. A list on a white board can have selection erased as they are sung. Songs listed on separate paper strips taped to a wall or a board can allow for quick set-up if you are leading multiple sing-alongs. A paper listing in a sleeve protector can have songs marked off with a dry erase marker.

Random selections through “gamification”

There are lots of musical games and puzzles. Use games to guide the selection.




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