Numbers seem simple. We learn to count, to use them to quantify and to define. Numbers related to music and to life in many ways. In this number series, you will find a find a variety of songs and reflections on numbers. Now to the magic of 18.

The Magic of 18My darling daughter –

You are turning 18. My how the years have flown!  I have had “Turn Around” playing off and on in my mind since the start of the school year. Just know that no matter how old you are, you are our loved child. Here are some reflections on the magic of 18.

When you turn 18, you can:

  • Sign up for military service
  • Marry without written consent of a guardian (Please don’t rush this one.)
  • Vote in local, state and federal elections (I hope you will exercise this right.)
  • Consent to medical treatment (I hope you don’t need to consent to much besides wellness check-ups.)
  • Purchase property

There are also some negatives including the fact you can be sued in your own name.

18 is “almost” an adult

You have a lot of rights but not the right to drink alcohol (at least here in the US). Maybe that is so we can ease you into adulthood?  

As a college student, we continue to contribute financial support. We also know there will be times you still live under our roof. Know that we do both from a place of love and ability to assist. Gradually, you will take on financial responsibilities. Just don’t feel a need to rush into ALL things you view as adult.

18 is an age of memories

I turned 18 while I was a freshman in college. The year was filled with memories. I hope you’ll have many beautiful memories of this year of life as well as from the years before.

You’ve accused me of having a song for everything. There aren’t a ton of songs that mention turning 18 (at least with lyrics a mom wants to share.) It gets a mention in “You Are 16, Going on 17” from the Sound of Music. The biggy for me is George Burns singing “I wish I was 18 Again”.

Personally, I don’t think the song is really about wanting to be 18. I think it is more about embracing life.

The magic of 18, the magic of any age is found in living life and appreciating little things. Smile, laughter, (even) tears, a sunrise, the snuggle of dog…  No matter our age, every day holds so much potential. You’re job is to acknowledge it in your world AND in yourself.

You are an amazing young woman. You are lovable and worthy of being loved. Live, love, create and make music with your whole heart. Embrace the magic of 18 and all the ages that come after it.

With love – Mom



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