One is...Numbers seem simple. We learn to count, to use them to quantify and to define. Numbers related to music and to life in many ways. In this number series, you will find a find a variety of songs and reflections on numbers. We begin with one.

One is…complicated. Don’t believe me? Consider this TedEd.

One is…used in a variety of ways in songs. (Not a complete list but one to get you thinking.)

One is…were we often begin when we count. One can mark a beginning.

One is… viewed and experienced in many ways. We can view one as weak, lonely, alone,…. We can view one as able to start  a change, a movement, or make a difference.

One is…a solo. In music a “solo” is a piece or a section of music played/sung by a single performer. Here is an example with Yo-Yo Ma.

Complete your thoughts in the comments below:

One is ____

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