Listening and music work together. Music can play in the background while we do a task: children playing, a sage or caregiver completes a task. But that is not the same as ACTIVELY listening to music attending to the music that is being played or performed.

Check out Evelyn Glennie’s thoughts about listening:

Assisting those for whom we care to actively listen can take several forms. Children often do well when given a specific task.


Check out these posts on Music Sparks:

Have instrumentalist and vocalist share music.

For some children, books are a good way to increase interest.

  • 15 Books About Music ( )
  • Hip Hop Dog is a great share as it mentions a few styes/genres.
  • Other singable books are also great shares

Moving to music and guiding the listening are also helpful. Check out (affiliate link)

Looking for ideas for discussing music and listening with older adults?

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