Give me a “s”. Give me a “m”. Give me an “h”! Today’s post is another in our recognizing letters series for preschoolers. With a month filled with heart health and Valentine’s Day, we hear “h” sounds all around us. So…let’s hear it for the letter “h”!

Letter "h"

Here are some ideas to use with your preschoolers.

Going on a letter hunt (a la “Going on a Bear Hunt)

Going on a letter hunt. (echo) Big “H”, small “h” (echo). Looking for things that start with “h” (echo) H-h-h

(Group rumbles ) I see a this. What is it?  Does ___ start with “h” Oh no/yes

Scarf Letter Writing  upper and lower case “h” from  “The Sounds of Emerging Literacy”.

There’s a Little Wheel Turning in my Heart

Hunt the Cows

One Little Froggy Goes Hop

Horsey, Horsey on Your Way

Make shaker in the shape of hearts or hands out of heavy paper, tape and seeds.

Share books about things that begin with the letter “h“. Consider singable books including “If I Had a Horse” and “Take Me Home Country Roads“.

What are your favorite preschool songs to sing with the letter “h”?  Add them in the comments below.

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