Browsing the children’s department at the library is always fun for me. I find inspiration for children’s sessions and intergenerational sessions. Sometimes, these finds teach me about traditions. “Juba This, Juba That”  (affiliate link) by Melaine Becker is one such book.

Juba this, Juba that

The book jacket mentions the traditional Nigerian hand-clapping game “Juba”.

Reading the book, it is easy to see how the rhythm drives the book. The text is child friendly. Illustrations by Ron Lightburn take you into the dream. Listed as a book for 2-5 year olds with an Accelerated Reader score of 1.0-1.9, this book will appeal to many young children.

Adding rhythm and hand-clapping to the “Juba This, Juba That” is a great way to make it a singable book. The rhythm shown in the previous video may be too difficult for children. In the following video I share some alternative ways to add rhythm to this fun book.

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