On February 3, 1959 three rock singers died in a plane crash – Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and Big Bopper.  (If you want to lead a conversation about the day, check out Peter Tibbles post.)  While not the only musicians to die an early death, this day is alive in the memories of many through the song “American Pie”.

For me this day is a good time to rally around the importance music plays in our lives.

This isn’t about the music industry. It isn’t about supporting music in our schools and community. (Yes, these are important!) This is about keeping the music within you alive.  It is about keeping in touch with the music we make with our lives. (See this beautiful post by music therapist Faith Halverson-Ramos.)

We are music on so many levels. We are the rhythm of our breath and pulse. We are the sounds me make. We are the relationships we have with ourselves and with others.

All this deserves our awareness, our time to be in touch with ourselves, to be in touch with the music of our lives. Without that space, that awareness, our music fades. The music can die.

We each bring something special to the world. Our music is unique to us. Don’t let the music die.

Take time to be aware, to purposefully listen or to create music. Be aware how your music changes with each day maybe even each hour.

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