Materials are divided by topics with a suggested population indicated with “I/A” for intergenerational groups or any age group; “P” for preschoolers; and “S” for senior living settings.

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With the 2014 Winter Olympics around the corner, let’s plan some Olympic Fun for February!

Whether you focus on the Olympics for an hour, a day, a week or a month, there are many learning, moving and sharing opportunities that can be added and to other Winter Olympic ideas including these:  P (and books for P), S, I/A.

Olympic Hymn

S: Lyrics are available allowing you to discuss how translations differ, ideals shared, etc. . Ask who has heard this melody when watching the opening ceremonies.

Olympic related music

I/A: Bring on some movement activities (parachuting, marching, exercising to the beat) of some of these selections:

I/A: Here are some selections for singing that have ties:

Music related to events

In this section you will find a song title and then ideas for various populations.

  • Skater’s Waltz – P: Use paper plates or wax paper and skate around. S: Waltz or move to the music.
  • Ski Bum by Darin Talbot (for S as lyrics talk about drinking). Use rhythm sticks moving the sticks like poles, skis along with tapping.
  • Heaven’s Pie by Darin Talbot – I/A: Have a snowball fight with cotton balls or foam peanuts on the verses. On the chorus, turn right and left when the words are used act like you are skiing remainder of the chorus. Children will enjoy spinning round when that is mentioned.

Write song lyrics to “You Gotta Be a Football Hero” (S) or “I Wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner” (I/A) for the various events (ice hockey, figure skating, sledding, curling, ski jumping, snowboarding, luge, etc.).

Here are starter examples:

(To: “Football Hero”)

You gotta be an ice hockey player to get to shoot and pass the puck.  Lace your skates on real tight. Put on your helmet before taking to the ice. The fact that you are in the ice rink with your team mates ready to play. You gotta be an ice hockey player to get to shoot and pass the puck.

(To: “Oscar Meyer Weiner”)

Oh, I wish I were a ski jumper. That is what I truly like to be. Cause if I were a ski jumper I’d be flying far through the air.

National Anthems Around the World

There are many resources for national anthems.One . On this site, you will find recordings and sheet music for many countries. History about the anthem is also available.

  • I/A: Sing your national anthem.
  • S: Trivia games including “Jeopardy” or “Name that Tune”
  • I/A: Have a matching game. List 4 or 5 countries. Have images printed of the flags for these countries and recordings of the national anthems. Have teams try to match the flag then indicate which song (1-4) they think goes with the country.

Please share your ideas for adding music to your winter olympics celebration in the comments below.

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