The first book in the book blitz series was more professional. caregiver focused. This post is more inline with the singable books shared on Music Sparks.

Book Blitz 2014: Draw Me a StarEric Carle books often appeal to me. Their bright, imaginative images and simple stories are appealing.

“Draw Me a Star” is a book that is both loved and banned.

It can be viewed as a story or as a retelling of the creation story. (Challenge number one for some.) The big issue seems to be the impressionistic images of an unclothed woman and man. For these reasons, I would personally reserve this book for home use or with children ages 4 and older when discussing creation in a religion class. (Personally, I don’t find the images offensive or graphic, just something I don’t expect in a children’s picture book.)

Why share such a controversial children’s book in this book blitz?

  1. Whether you share the book or not, it is possible to sing the drawing instructions and the translated rhyme shared by Carle’s grandmother to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”
  2. There are many who love sharing this book. Lifting up the opportunity to add music to the sharing is a bonus.
  3. I don’t always shy away from controversy.

 How do I sing that part?

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