I believe books are important. In honor of National Book Blitz Month there will be weekly book posts during January 2014 on Music Sparks.

Books can serve many purposes: to entertain, to educate, to inspire… This book highlighting self-care and the discovery process (something important to caregivers and professionals) is the first in our Book Blitz 2014 series.

Music Sparks Book Blitz 2014: Zen Under Fire

Music Sparks Book Blitz 2014: Zen Under Fire

Zen Under Fire: How I Found Peace in the Midst of War (affiliate link) shares the journey of author Marianne Elliott. Trained as a human rights lawyer, Marianne served in the United Nations mission in Afghanistan from 2005-2007. The book shares stores of her experiences. It also shares her journey to finding zen and herself amidst the challenges.

On page 327 she shares:

I teach that we can’t be of true service to anyone unless we are prepared to face our own shadows. As I have learned, our own fears and even our best intentions can get in the way of our own ability to serve others.

While our challenges are different whether we are parents, caregivers, or people affected by war, all these situations involve stressors. All can take a toll on our ability to care for ourselves and the quality of care we provide.

We are each unique. Some of us will respond best to yoga and meditation, others to physical exercise, others to creative arts.

This book takes you along the journey of discovery for Marianne. In doing so, it may support you in finding your own way to create space for self-care and peace. It is summed up well with this quote from the book:

Real peace, I have learned, comes not from being able to control my life but from accepting my life as it comes. Real happiness comes not from getting everything I want but from embracing and deeply appreciating everything I have. This is the beauty, and the power, of grace, surrender and gratitude. (p. 329)

If you have read “Zen Under Fire”, I’d love to hear what resonated with you. Everyone is invited to share your ways for creating space for self-care and peace in the comments below.


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