January is Rising Star Month. Each week you’ll be treated to a post on someone or something I personally believe is a rising star. Over on Facebook, there will be some tantalizing shares encouraging YOU to be your own rising star.

Rising Star: Activity ProfessionalOur first Music Sparks Rising Star is a group – the activity professionals in senior living communities. This diverse group can be described as jacks-of-all-trades, Wonder Women/Supermen, entertainers.

They complete tons of paperwork, keep people busy and happy while challenging staff and residents to grow or try new things. And, they generally do it all on a shoestring budget with minimal staffing. They do so much more!

Activity professionals are key to quality lives of those in senior living communities. Yes, the medical care and assistance is a portion. Yes, good food is important. But activities are what separates one day from another. As more and more boomers age into senior living communities, it is my personal belief activity professionals will have a more complex job.

Having filled this roll for many years, I know. This is hard but rewarding work. Flexibility is key. One moment you are calling bingo the next you are painting fingernails followed by visiting someone at bedside.

Activity Professionals Week is January 19-25, 2014.  Take time to let these rising stars in your community know how much they are valued.

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