In preparing for 2014, I have been taking time to look at what things were hits and what were misses during 2013. (With luck, reflecting will help me better meet your needs in the year to come.) And, I am also asking a question.

First, the reflecting.

According to WordPress, Music Sparks had over 40,000 views this year averaging 114 per day. (2013 showed over 29,000 with an average of 80 visits a day.)

As a part of that process, here were the top 10 viewed Music Sparks posts this year. (It is interesting that 7 of these are the same as last year.)

  1. Five Spring Songs for Toddlers
  2. A Garden of Songs (Garden Songs for Kids)
  3. Time Songs for Children
  4. Top Ranked Music Therapy Blogs
  5. The Elderly: How Music Benefits Their Health
  6. Songs about Sewing
  7. S-M-I-L-E
  8. Ode to the Tooth Fairy
  9. Children’s Songs for Father’s Day
  10. Old Time Love Songs

The top referral to this site is searches. The top search terms bringing people to Music Sparks are:

  1. Spring songs for toddlers; spring songs for preschoolers
  2. Garden songs for kids
  3. Music therapy blog
  4. Songs about smiling
  5. Tooth Fairy
  6. Music Therapy blogs
  7. (tie) Tooth; Old time love songs
  8. Preschool spring songs
  9. Greek Alphabet
  10. Spring songs for preschoolers

(It looks like there are lots of people searching for preschool and children’s resources.) After searches, people come to this site mostly through:

  1. Twitter
  2. The WordPress Dashboard
  3. Pinterest
  4. Facebook

Here comes the question:

While all this information helps me, it would help me more if you would answer this question in the comments below:

What is the one thing Music Sparks can help you with in 2014?

What is the one thing Music Sparks can help you with in 2014?


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