gift-of-music.jpgGifts come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. While I love opening packages, the gifts of time and love mean so much more.  As a person whose life has been filled with music, I believe the gift of music can also be a special gift.

Music can cost a lot…tickets to a concert.

Music can cost a little…a song shared.

Music can express that which is within our heart from depths of sadness to peaks of joy.

Music takes time in order for the gift to be realized.

Take time to listen. Music can be found in and around us. The rhythm of our heart, the sound of our sighs…the birds, the wind in the trees.  There is great music available in recordings or in live performances.

Take time to create. Sing, hum, play an instrument, tap on the containers in your kitchen. Relish the expression you and only you can create.

Take time to share. Whether you create music with someone or for someone, share it.

Music is a gift from the heart for the listening, the creating and the sharing.

The composer John Rutter captured the reasons in this beautiful song.



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