“The 12 Days of Christmas” is a classic holiday song. With origins back to England, it is a song per Snopes surrounded by folklore.  And, Reuters estimates the 2013 cost of these 12 days of gifts as $27,393. Here are 6 ways to share this song.

#1 – As a traditional form

From time to time, a traditional, straight singing of a carol is fun. Those in senior living communities will likely remember recordings such as this one by the Ray Conniff Singers.

#2 – With a twist like

There are many twists that have been taken over the years. This is one by Straight No Chaser is a current favorite of mine.


#3 – Moving different ways for each “day”

There are a variety of movements you can add to each day. This video provides you one idea.


#4 – With a book in a modernized version.

12 days of ChristmasThis version of The Twelve Days of Christmas
by Jane Cabrera (affiliate link) is filled with fun animals children will love. Read, sing it, discuss the animals, have fun. Best of all, there is sheet music included within the book .

#5 – Rewrite your own.

Make a list of desired gifts. This is fun for all ages! It can also lead to fun discussions – Why would you want 12 ___? What would you do with 11 ___?

#6 – Sing it and add instruments.

My personal preference is to have a variety of instruments. Everyone plays for the first day (on each verse) and a select instrument for each day. For example:

5 golden rings – finger cymbals

4 calling birds – canary stick

3 french hens – egg shaker

2 turtle doves – slide whistle

How do you like to share “The 12 Days of Christmas”?

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