After the hustle and bustle of December events, January can be a down and depressing time (especially if you live in areas of limited daylight and snow). Planning special ways to pamper those in senior living communities during this month can be important.

Consider having a cruising into the new year with some special treats for those in your community. Within this post you will find ideas for single music sessions as well as a week-long event.

Single music sessions

Idea 1: Boat songs

Idea 2: Travel Destinations Songs

  • Faraway Places – This is a great theme song. Have people list places they would like to visit.
  • Select possible ports and songs related to each one.

Week long ideas

If you work full-time in a community, plan on week of special events. Consider purchasing “Travel Unlimited(not an affiliate) as a resource. Select destinations/ports that are appropriate to your community.

Here’s wishing you smooth sailing into the new year!

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