baby in bath with bubble

baby in bath with bubble (Photo credit: Chesi – Fotos CC)

Talk about a day for clean fun! Bathtub Party Day (December 5th) has me thinking of childhood memories of Mr. Bubble. (If you have an elder in your life, reflect using these old commercials.)

It also has me singing “Take Me Out of the Bathtub” by Alan Katz.


Here are a few more bath songs to share:

If you have a young child, check out “Down In the Jungle” by Let Kids Play Music.

School aged children (and some adults) may know the camp song “Alice/Tillie Had Legs Like Toothpicks”. (This song exists in many versions and while this version is not the one I learned, it will give you a feel for the song.)

Have some other bathtub songs? Share them in the comments below!

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