Methods and tools for Tweetchats

Methods and tools for Tweetchats

Last week I shared how to find a Tweetchat. In case you were wondering, the two Tweetchats in which I regularly participate are #eldercarechat (1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 1pm ET) and @hcldr (Mondays at 8:30pm ET).

This week’s post focuses on methods and tools for participating in a Tweetchat.

The challenge of participating in a tweetchat include:

  • managing the flow of the chat
  • entering the chat hashtag
  • creating a response to the question, topic or a participant in a timely manner

Methods for participating in a Tweetchat

Method 1: Twitter

One way to follow a tweet chat is to go to Twitter. Enter the hashtag for the chat you want to follow. Hit enter. Then, refresh as Twitter shows new tweets are available. This can be a little cumbersome. And, if your are participating in the chat you will manually need to enter the tweetchat hashtag for each tweet you make.

Method 2: Using a Twitter Client

Twitter clients (such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck) can be used for tweet chats. The big disadvantage is you will need to enter the hashtag for the chat when you tweet a response.

With clients you set-up columns fed by the hashtag. Sometimes it is helpful to add a column for the moderator positioning it next to the chat column. This can allow you to more easily read the topic or question up for discussion.

Disadvantages to this approach are the column widths are limited, you see all retweets, there is no way to control the speed other than with Hootsuite you have to keep refreshing the column.

Method 3: Tools

There are many tools out and in development.  The two I use most often are Tweetchat and Twubs. (My current preferred tool for tweetchats is Twubs.) This video will provide basics on using these tools.

So get out there and try these methods with a tweetchat or with a hashtag. Let me know which method you like best and why.

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