Music Games and PuzzlesChildren learn through play. Adults need play in their life. Games and Puzzles Week (November 24-30, 2013) is the perfect time to add some playful games and puzzles to you sessions, groups, or days. Making them music games and puzzles adds to the fun!

None of these require use of a computer or technology for the playing though those items might assist you in prep. All these ideas promote interaction and fun!

Music Games for Adults

Most people are familiar with “Name That Tune”. You can play it with live or recorded music. Rachelle Norman, MT-BC of Soundscape Music Therapy recommends the added twist of stating the last line. E-how has a suggestion (Title Call) of giving points for each additional fact you can provide about a song.

Jeopardy is a frequent offering on senior living community calendars. This is a great place to exercise that knowledge muscle on music history, instruments, famous performers, etc. Rachelle Norman has a great patriotic version ready for you to use.

Facts can also be used to create your own version of Trivial Pursuit. Come up with classifications that work for your group (instruments, various music genre’s, top hits for different years, famous performers, musicals).

Be sure and check out the Game Twist for a sing-along. It gets a lot of activity happening.

Intergenerational Musical Games

Many of the previously listed ideas could be adapted depending on the ages of your participants.

Play some singing games such as Second Story Window. Use folk songs or other songs that are “ageless” (think “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”) and play eHows Finish the Verse.

Get teams together and create your own song tales similar to my Frightful Tale.

Hold a drum circle and use some of Dave Holland’s playful ideas. “Beat in the Feet” and “Monkey in the Middle” are a couple of my personal favorites.

Children’s Music Games

Classic circle dance songs are fun to share. Some of our standards are “Here We Go Looby Loo”, “Go In and Out the Window”, and “London Bridge”.

Cara Coffey has a Pinterest Board filled with Music Games for children.

Be sure and check out Amy Kalas, MT-BC post “Fun with File Folder Games“.

If you work with school ages or teach piano, be sure and check out the ton of fun piano teaching games on Teach Piano Today.

Share your ideas

By adding your ideas in the comments below we can create a great resource! Go!

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