Finding the Tweetchat

Finding the Tweetchat

Learning, sharing, visiting, music and church were major parts of my childhood. As a child during the 60’s and 70’s most of that happened face to face or through books from the library.  My mom limited phone conversations to two minutes (her tool of choice was an egg timer) so that wasn’t a visiting option.

During my college years I had amazing brains to pick and a huge library along with my courses to feed by learning, sharing, visiting, music and church needs. After college, I lacked the easy access to research especially in my field of music therapy except for what came in my Music Therapy Journal and years I could attend a music therapy conference.

Enter the internet age. Now there are an explosion of ways to connect and to interact on the web. Now I can access information or at least find out what materials I need to get on inter-library loan. A favorite way I do this is tweetchats. (Now you know my why. And, yes, I have found some wonderful resources for all aspects of my personal and professional life including music and church.)

According to some of my #HowToBeAnAwesomeMTOnline fellow presenters I am considered a go-to for music therapists who want to figure out how to tweetchat. This along with several of my Music Sparks follows asking about tweetchats, I thought it was time to share my “how”.

Never in a million years would I think of myself as a “master” of tweetchats. I am constantly learning. The tools for chats keep evolving and changing.

The first thing to know is a Twitter account is not needed to lurk/follow a tweet chat but it is to participate in one. I believe the way you and the others gain the most is by being a participant.

How to find a Tweetchat

Finding a Tweetchat is a simple search process. Use a starting search term such as “tweetchat for ____” or “tweetchat about ____” to bring up some search options. If it is a healthcare topic, check out listings at Symplur. Another idea is to ask friends with similar interests if they participate in tweetchats and if so which ones.

Once you find one of interest,  go to Twitter and enter #______(the name or hashtag of the chat) and hit enter. Some of what you will find is:

  • Announcements about the upcoming chat
  • Follow-up from the previous chat
  • Comments between people who engage in the chat
  • The feed from the chat

Check that the information is of interest to you and meets your needs. And, see if the conversation tends to happen on a day of the week and time of day when you can be present.

Please share in the comments below what your Tweetchat search provided of interest.

Next week’s posts I’ll share ways to participate or lurk in on a Tweetchat. And, feel free to follow me on Twitter.


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