A lot of us find ourselves in a pickle from time to time. We step into something we didn’t expect, something doesn’t work, or the life delivers a load of pickles into our life. It could also be the challenge of playing In A Pickle. (While I’ve never played this game it sounds challenging.)


a large, whole, deli pickle

a large, whole, deli pickle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

National Pickle Day is just around the corner (November 14). Here are my ideas for observing the day.

  • Hold a tasting of various types and brands of pickles. Vote for the favorite.
  • Adults might enjoy reading and discussing the “Pickles Comic Strip“.  What is the pickle the family is in today?
  • While we generally think first of cucumbers being pickled, many things can be. List, taste, explore other pickled products. (If you need a starter, try this ChowHound discussion or this Pinterest board.)
  • Children might enjoy the classic Marc Brown book “Pickle Thing”. (This book is no longer in print, so check your library and used book stores.)

While I was able to locate the lyrics for the National Pickle Day Song, music seems to be lacking. For that reason, I’ve done my best to gather a few pickle songs. (What fun is it to celebrate without music!?)

Have a fun time being in a pickle!


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