When I lead groups at the library, my primary focus is learning readiness skills. One of those skills is letter recognition. Sometimes we focus on a variety of letter, while other times we focus on a single letter.

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In a recent library session our focus was words that start with “S”. I hope you find a use for “S” powered music for children.

A wonderful music-based literacy resource is “The Sounds of Emerging Literacy”. (Not an affiliate link) The “Scarf Letter Writing” on pages 140-141 has become a standard. We have added making the sound of the letter as we draw it.

In the style of “Going on a Bear Hunt”, go on a letter hunt. Collect a group of images most that begin with “s” along with a few that don’t.  Here’s what we do:

Going on a letter hunt. (echo)

Big “S”, small “s” (echo)

Looking for things that start with “s” (echo)

S-s-s— (echo)

(Group rumbles with leg patting ) I see this. What is it? (group answers)

Does ___ start with “s”

(Children to respond with) Oh no/yes.

(Repeat for each image.)

Sing favorite songs about things that start with us such as:

  • The Eensy, Weensy Spider
  • There’s a Spider on the Floor
  • Skin-a-marink-e-dink-e-dink
  • Silly Sam the Sneaky Snake
  •  Grey Squirrel

A new action favorite is from Susan Seale’s Make Me Musical – Mini Movement Kit: Kookaburra sits in the Old Gum Tree. We did actions that begin with “s”: sits, sleeps, snakes, slides, skates, sinks, stretches, swings and shakes. (If you work with children, I highly recommend Susan’s materials.)

The children had a lot of fun with the “s” powered music. Feel free to add to the power in the comments below.

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