This post is another opening of the archives. These are a collection of geography resource ideas from my 30+ years. My apologies if I don’t credit the source as many I’ve long forgotten over the years.

Geography Girl

Geography Girl (Photo credit: brentdanley)

Social media, television and various music outlets are exposing us to music of many cultures. A music about and from places can be a beautiful lead into discussing geography.

This topic lends itself to many uses. Hopefully you’ll get the idea with the variety you will find here.

Geography resources for preschoolers

This is an appropriate time for introducing children to a compass and directions. Talk first letter (and sing about the letter with your preferred song) N, S, E, and W.

Ella Jenkins

Cover of Ella Jenkins

Ella Jenkins is an AMAZING lady for a variety of songs. I highly recommend Sharing Cultures With Ella Jenkins (affiliate link). “Song of the Seven Continents” is easy for children. Use it for counting. Grab a world map and locate the continents as you sing it. Use the other songs on the CD as a way to share information about language, countries, and cultures.

Once the children know the continents, begin adding other information. One of my favorites for this can be sung to the melody at the beginning of “Love and Marriage”. Here are the lyrics:

I live in a city. I live in a state. I live in a country that’s in a continent. I’m a citizen of the Earth. My name is ____ here’s where you’ll find me.

My city is ____. My state is ____. My country is ______. My continent is _______. My name is ___ and that’s where I live.

The Naxos label has wonderful resources out there. One of my favorites for this topic is Rhythm 4 Kids: World Sing-A-Long (affiliate link). The accompanying booklet provides translations.

It is almost impossible to forget the MANY recordings by Putymayo. I consider World Playground a must. The ideas of creating a passport to stamp as the children learn songs from other countries is a hit with children.

There you go – a starter list to help you share Geography Month with the special people you serve.  Please share your resources in this topic in the comments below so we can ALL grow in our ability to meet the needs of others.

If you would like access to geography resources for your older adult and intergenerational groups, become a member of Music Sparks Session Cafe

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