Welfl Film Cameras 1958-2001

Welfl Film Cameras 1958-2001 (Photo credit: WELFL)

Chance are you know a photographer (amateur or professional) or two. October is Photographer Appreciation Month.

In past newsletters I’ve shared several songs about photographs along with some photography activities. In this post, we will focus on a few songs that lend themselves to creating images. 

I grew-up watching Candid Camera with Allen Funt and enjoyed singing the theme song. Here is a sample of the show.

This show demonstrated how the unexpected might create a response. We all see and hear things though different lenses. For me, that is the power of “Picture this song“.  We are encouraging people to connect two mediums – something that may be uncomfortable for adults.

  1. The concept is select a variety of music – some with lyrics, some without. Here are a few starter ideas using an autumn theme.
  1. Provide cameras (digital if possible) for participants. This is a great idea for intergenerational groups especially those with teens or young adults paired with children or elders or both.
  2. Listen to a musical selection and have the individual or a small group go out and take photographs they feel capture the music.
  3. Upload the photos onto a computer and share the images with the music in the background.
  4. Have the participants share how their photos relate to the music.
  5. If cameras aren’t an option, consider other visual art mediums (paint, chalk, pastels, mix media) to have individuals create images that express what they hear.

Just like Candid Camera, be ready for the unexpected. Have fun. Celebrate the individual. Enjoy the images.

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