As I open my archives from over 25 years of working with elders, here are some more ideas for celebrating Car Care Month.

English: New "gold" New York State v...

English: New “gold” New York State vehicle registration plate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The preceding Car Songs and Conversation post included memories, movies and more, as well as slogan/advertisements. In this installment you will find fun ideas with license plates and songs.

License Plates

New York was the first state to require a license plate (1901).  Select a state and see how license plates have changed since 1969. Take a look at the current plates for each of the 50 US States. Which ones to people like the best?

Vanity plates have become more common since 2000. Check out these top 100.  Find out what people would want their personal license plate to say.

Inquire if anyone collected plates. Find out what made them valuable or special.

Songs you “auto” sing with older adults

Take the classic “In My Merry Oldsmobile” and create personalized verses.

In My Merry Oldsmobile songbook featuring an O...

In My Merry Oldsmobile songbook featuring an Oldsmobile Curved Dash automobile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Come away with me (person’s name)

In my (descriptor) (car make/model).

Down the road of life we’ll fly.(An activity) you and I.

To the (place) we’ll go. Then (emotion) will flow.

You can go as far as you like with me

In my (descriptor) (car make/model).

Other “classics” include:

  • Daisy, Daisy (Bicycle Built for Two)
  • Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis”
  • Hey, Good Lookin’

A little newer selection

  • Mercedez Benz – Janis Joplin
  • Route 66 (Nat King Cole)
  • Mustang Sally (Wilson Pickett)
  • One Piece at a Time (Johnny Cash)
  • Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell)
  • 409 (Beach Boys)
  • Fun, Fun, Fun (Beach Boys)
  • Little Deuce Coupe (Beach Boys)
  • Convoy (CW McCall) Yes, I know this is about semis. But, CBs were a big thing at one. Discuss who had one, used it, and the lingo.
  • I Can Drive 55 (Sammy Hagar) This is a great one to listen to then discuss speed limits
  • Baby You Can Drive My Car (Beatles)

Get your intergenerational groups in gear with these tunes:

  • Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang – Use shakers for the “chitty” and drums for the “bangs”
  • American Pie (Don McLean)
  • Riding in My Car (Woody Guthrie) Consider using the singable book to lead this one.
  • On the Road Again (Willie Nelson) Just singing the chorus is fun. Put a large map on the floor, toss a coin on it. Make-up a verse about the state/place it lands on. 
  • Give Me Gas for My Ford If Christian songs are okay in your group, try this one.

Children will love puttering to these songs:

  • The Wheels on the Bus  (You can change it to a car.)
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Traffic Light (found on many websites)

Try this camp song.

Here’s a fun alternative by Miss Nina.

You “auto” enjoy this month! I plan on it.


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