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Earth Science Week is October 13-19. Given the challenges we are facing with climate changes , resources, natural disasters, and increasing populations, this week provides a time to focus on these topics. Whether it is to educate or to elicit a conversation, there is a lot to dig into!

A great starting point is the Earth Science Week site. There you will find tips for planning events, activities to share (many of which can be adjusted for preschoolers and for older adults) and access to an image bank.

Of course, I think this calls on us to add some earth science songs to the celebration.

What is earth science?

Sciences related to our planet earth are included in this umbrella grouping. They include geology, geophysics, physical geology, ecology, hydrology and atmospheric sciences amongst others.

What earth science songs should we share?

For those working with children, check out the science section on Songs for Teaching. Music K-8 has songs about the earth and a fun rap of the solar system. Be sure and check out the Earth Day songs on Preschool Education.

For those working with older adults, check out resources such as Lyrical Earth Science: Geology which uses familiar, non-childish tunes to partner geology lyrics.

G. Flicks earth science song parodies on YouTube. Here is one example:

If you have some boomers in your group they might enjoy learning about String Theory with this one:

Mr. Parr’s Science Songs can also help start some conversations if your group is open to contemporary music.

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