When my daughter was two, she did a lot of comparing. It was part of defining how she was alike and different from those around her. She checked out eye colors of family and friends. She compared heights of people. She struggled to find peers whose parents were our age.

Children and adults do a lot of comparing especially in our self talk. “I wish I was skinny like her. I wish I could play violin like he does. I dress better than they do…”

A positive self image is important at all ages and stages of life. Our self-esteem can affect many aspects of life – our relationships, our health, our employment… Whether it is too high or too low, issues can arise.

Celebrating our uniqueness and that of others is important. Children’s books can be helpful in the process. One such book is “I Like Myself” by Karen Beaumont. This book celebrates a unique identity with creative, rhythmic text.

Young children love to hear the same books over, and over, and over…so book that can be shared many ways are a bonus. Check out the video for three ways to share this book.

What other children’s books to you use when discussing self-esteem?

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