You matterDo you matter? I think you do! (And for more reasons than you are reading this blog.)

You matter to me because you can make someones life better. How?

  • By how you look at them
  • By actively listening to them
  • By speaking to them in a respectful tone and using words of respect.

You matter to me because chance are you are a caregiver. You might care for a child or an elder. They might be related to you or they may be paying for this relationship. That part doesn’t matter. It matters that you provide the best care you are able to in that moment. Does that mean you are perfect? No, but it is your aim.

As a caregiver you matter because you can share yourself and so much more. I hope you share music. I hope you sing with or for your caree. I hope you listen to music they like. Maybe together you play instruments or dance. Whatever and however you share, I hope you find moments of engagement and connection.

October 7th is “You Matter to Me Day.” However, I think every day we need to let people know they matter.  I challenge you to let those in your life know that they matter to you. 

Rich or poor, health or ill, old or young – we ALL need to know we matter. Imagine how life might be if we all felt this way, if we all shared this with others!

Find people to inspire you to step forward and let others know they matter. Here are three to get you started.

  • Check out Angela Maiers – an amazing woman on a mission to let students know they matter.
  • Check out Lisa Field and Colin Hung – two people encourage those in an around healthcare to address some important issues.
  • Check out Johnathan Fields – out to encourage us to view life as good.

Who reminds you that you matter? Share their names and their websites in the comments below.

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