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Toddlers and preschoolers are naturally creative. They can have a great time with all kinds of things from pots and pans to mud. If you don’t believe me, join them in play. Let them tell you what to do and you’ll see how creative they can be.

Some place along the way we tend to turn off or ignore our creative side as we age. We forget the fun of throwing snowballs and only see the sidewalk that needs shoveled. We forget the joy of jumping in a pile of leaves and only see the yard that needs raked. We stop playing with our food. We stop creating songs around what we are doing.

We start acting like everyone else. We set aside our uniqueness.

It’s time we all set aside some time to be creative. Young or old it doesn’t matter. We need, we deserve some time to let our creative side out.

button-art-4-h-signatureYes, I know there are tons of things you HAVE to do. But, a few minutes spent each week being creative can be very restorative to our energy. That is why I collaborated with Petrea, Brigitta, and Sheri to share Art for Health, for Life. We wanted to make it easy for you by providing things to try in 15 minutes, books to read, and something to share with others in your life.

Is it magic? – No. Is what we shared work for everyone? – No!

Stay creative in whatever medium excites you. Play games. Be silly. Smile. Laugh. If you don’t try, you won’t know if it will work for you.

*You can access the “Art for Life, for Health” package by signing up for the FREE membership page – Tinder. Beginning in 2014, this page will become the place to access a variety of resources for caregivers like you to use for self-care, with children and with elders. 

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